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Eibhlin Actias

Eibhlin's laced Tote

Eibhlin's laced Tote

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The ' Eibhlin's laced tote'  is a daily wear bag, entirely made by hand.

It presents two pockets on the inside, one smaller (for keys and cards) and one bigger.

While, on the outside, has this interesting detail that reminds of a corset lacing, that can keep your favorite book or sketchbook ready to be taken to draw or read. The laces can be pulled to tighten the ‘pocket’ and secure the book even more. 

By changing your book/sketchbook the bag 'changes' look too!

At the moment we have two versions available: 

Blue cotton denim and black cotton gabardine, both with gold hardware.

If you'd like to have it with different hardware or fabric, send me an email or a direct message and I'll customize it for you.

 Measurements: 35cmx40cm  handles:55 cm


These items are ready to ship! So once the order is placed, I’ll pack your items as soon as possible, and then the only waiting time will be the shipping! :) 
(If the order is placed before the weekend I will wait for Monday to ship.) 


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